Race for the cup!! Updated on 10/15/17 after Goblins Go!

Race Engineering Cup

Race Engineering Cup Event Champions

1 Douglas Erber March 11, 2017
2 Nash Lawson March 12, 2017
3 Douglas Erber March 25, 2017
4 Morgan Mehler March 26, 2017
5 Morgan Mehler May 6, 2017
6 Morgan Mehler May 7, 2017
7 Dan Tiley June 3, 2017
8 Dan Tiley June 4, 2017
9 Douglas Erber July 29, 2017
10 Patrick Olson July 30, 2017
11 Steve Eckerich August 12, 2017
12 Jonathan Emms & Robert Slonaker October 14, 2017
13 Jonathan Emms & Robert Slonaker October 15, 2017


Our ITA class has always been a major player for high competition. 2017 is no exception to this rule.

1 James O2 200 Points
2 Rising Son 50 Points
3 Christopher Deen 46 Points
4 Maltese Falcons 42 Points


Spec Miata has to be our most competitive group out there. Small, fast, and light. That's what makes up some great racing.

1 Zaxby's 192 Points
2 Broken Mirror Motorsports 92 Points
3 Sabre 72 Points
4 P Smith Racing 67 Points
5 Tom and the Hart Breakers 50 Points


T4 is a fun class for your newer cars.

1 MILF 200 Points


ITS brings more horse power into the mix but generally with bigger cars allowing the drivers a fun alternative.

1 Goofball Racing 100 Points
2 Rocc Racing 25 Points


SSM is a house full of 1.6 liter Miata's. Light and nimble makes these guys racing packed full of nose to tail position changes.

1 NutDriver Racing 50 Points


IT7 is pack of first generation Mazda RX-7's. Rotary performance at it's finest. Watch the back of these cars for the flame when these carbureted Wankel engines downshift to dive into a turn.

1 Sports Car Parts LTD 75 Points


STL is 2.0 liter or less tuner cars. The great fun of watching these tricked out sports car run tight into a turn and those small 4 cylinder engines drag that steel racing away from the corner.

1 Jeremy Ranner 50 Points


ITT is probably the funnest groups to watch. Want to see your small pick up truck dive through a corner, these do and they aren't hauling rock just power.

1 Team Twenty 50 Points


ITR is another class of high performance stock street cars. These guys run fast times and are slightly modified from the cars you drive everyday down the beltway to work.

1 Mark Bradley 150 Points
2 Rocc Racing 25 Points


SRF3 or 3rd generation Spec Racer Ford is a light a fast class running Ford's Sigma 1.6 liter powerhouse. These teams run tight together and competition is fierce. As the fastest class within CCPS they generally set the pace for every race.

1 Douglas Erber 96 Points
2 Dan Tiley 50 Points
3 Dog Licked Racing 46 Points
4 Empty Pockets Racing 25 Points